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In today’s competitive world, there is probably a similar business to yours on every corner making competition fierce.. With social media, Google, video and Amazon, people will find your business online first. How do you compete? It takes 6 seconds and a quick finger click and they move on. As a business owner, you need to capture a prospect’s attention quickly and effectively.

The Consumer Cycle For Choosing the Ideal Business They Want to Purchase From

write your book

What Do Consumers See When They Find You? Do They Notice?

Your Uniqueness

published authors are unique

Your Positioning

improve your position

Your Expertise

published authors are experts


authors increase revenue

Playing The "Price War Games" &
Start Practicing "Authority Marketing"

This is a game you should not be playing. Why? Because if you compete on price, there is always someone who is willing to discount more than you. That leads to depleted profit lines and the slow death of a business.

You can avoid playing the Price War Games by:

  • Improving your positioning
  • Being an expert
  • Becoming the "go-to person" for what you do
  • Practicing Authority Marketing

What is Authority Marketing?

Authority Marketing is when you position your business and you as the authority for what you do. It’s when consumers are drawn to you rather than you pushing yourself and/or your business on people. It’s the difference between practicing pull marketing and push marketing.

Pull marketing is when you create action and situations for consumers to raise their hands and say, yes! I am interested in what you offer.

Growing Your Business With Your Book
Is Easy When You Have A Recipe

Once you become published, you will be able to:

Grow your business
  • Generate more leads
  • Gain more prospects
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Become a celebrity
  • Attract influencers

Imagine this is happening and how it will transform your business!

Authority marketing and becoming published has helped many business owners with whom I work closely with. I am glad that you are here so you too can get started in practicing authority marketing and be able to elevate your success.

Don’t fight for scraps. Get noticed and charge the prices you deserve.

We get bombarded with over 4,000 commercial messages per day. The danger of becoming a commodity, or worse, irrelevant, causes stress, feeling out of control and not making enough money. All those things are not an option, are they?

The Process

write a book get published

Watch Dr. Davis explain the process.

Write a book in three days

"We are now published authors!"

Questions to ask yourself...
Are you practicing Authority Marketing?

Did you answer yes?
If so, great! You are on the right path!

If you answered NO, you need to improve and make changes to improve your positioning.

How Can We Help?

If you are an attorney, a physician, an accountant, an engineer, hold a professional
position or own a business, we can help you become published.

attorney become published author
medical professional become published
professional become published author


Having "AUTHOR" Next To Your Name

Being An Author Will Give You Immediate

  • Authority and expertise
  • Celebrity status
  • Expertise in your industry
  • Dramatic differentiation
  • Ability to charge more
  • Demand for what you do
spa professional become published author

Post-Seminar Process

After the weekend together, we will start the post-seminar process for you to become published.

  1. Your book will be professionally edited
  2. Design your book cover
  3. Format your book and provide you a PDF file
  4. Post it on Create Space and Amazon
  5. Provide you with printing resources
  6. Teach you how to market your business using the book

We will do all the heavy lifting for you!

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